Rising of Kutchchh
After Earthquake

Slide show of
Photographic Comparision
New Kutchchh with
the Earlier Kutchchh
The major Earthquake in January 2001 had devastating and wider impact in Kutchh district, particularly in four towns viz. Bhuj, Anjar, Bhachau and Rapar. The development plans were prepared by Area Development Authorities in record period of seven months and then brought into force immediately. 13 Town Planning schemes were prepared and implemented in record time.
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Welcome to Town Planning Department
The main aim of the department is to secure well-balanced and planned development of the major urban centers of the State as well as small and medium towns. The department is the main technical wing of the State Government for urban planning.

The Town Planning and Valuation Department works under the Urban Development and Urban Housing Department of Government of Gujarat with Chief Town Planner as head of the Department and having its jurisdiction covering whole of the Gujarat State. Its main functions include -

• Advocate and Promote Planning Activities in the State.
• Supervision and Monitoring of the Regional as well as Branch offices of the department.
• Technical support to Appropriate Authorities in preparation of Development Plans and TP Schemes.
• Advise to the State Government on technical and legal matters.
• Advise on the valuation of land, where Government interest is involved.
• To evolve Urban and Regional standards and guidelines.
• Provide guidance for implementation of urban development programmes. [ Read More... ]